Three Words That Changed My Life





When Merril Hoge talked about his dream of playing in the NFL, he was con- stantly told it was impossible and he’d nev- er beat the odds, but he refused to be dis- couraged. As a twelve-year-old, inspired to overcome the challenges ahead, he wrote,‘Find a Way’ and put it on the wall as a constant reminder of his goals. This man- tra would become a life-long philosophy that helped him cope with the near loss of his hand as a you boy, the untimely death of his mother, being diagnosed with and defeating cancer, and ultimately achieve his dream of playing in the NFL.

In this Second Edition of Find a Way, Hoge candidly discusses the obstacles he has faced and how he has consistently found a way to move forward. This up- dated edition includes three new chapters with information on where Hoge is now, and how he continues to ‘Find a Way’ a decade after the original release.




In this book, Merril Hoge shows the same drive and determination that were his trade- marks as an NFL player. In his life today as a broadcaster and businessman, Merril exudes enthusiasm, energy, and tenacity. No matter what the obstacle or the goal, he ALWAYS finds a way. . . and you will find this an inspirational read!

HannaH Storm
ESPN anchor, president of the Hannah Storm Foun- dation and Brainstormin Production

I had the pleasure of being one of Merril’s coaches at Idaho State and with the Pittsburgh Steelers. On and off the field Merril was always determined to “find a way.” After reading this book, I’m confident you will be just as motivated and determined as he has always been. It’s a testimonial to overcoming the odds no matter what the circumstances.

marvin Lewis
Head Coach, Cincinnati Bengals

I’ve covered sports for 40 years, half of them with ESPN, the NFL for more than a quarter-century, and Merril Hoge first got my attention when he was a player. Actually, Merril demanded my attention because he was one of those truth-is-better-than fiction stories.There’s an old adage that in every one of us, there is a good book. In Merril Hoge’s story, there is a great book and it is Find A Way. Merril’s story is a unique profile of courage and inspiration, written in the only manner my friend and colleague knows how to tell a story—head-on— with transparency and with a heart that is immeasurable. I’ve learned plenty of football from Merril; I have learned more about life in Find A Way.

Chris Mortensen
Senior NFL Analyst & Reporter, ESPN